Sravanabelagola is a holy vicinity

Sravanabelagola is a holy vicinity. it’s far a famend Jain pilgrimage middle in South India. it’s miles located inside the Hassan District of Karnataka country. This Jain pilgrimage is famous for its massive single stone statue of Gomateswara, which is placed at the pinnacle of the hill. From Mysore, Sravanbelagola is positioned at a distance of ninety three km. the closest railway station is Hassan that’s at a distance of forty nine km. inside the heart of the city, there may be a lovely pond and the call Sravanabelagola is derived from this handiest. In Kannada, the which means of belagola is white pond. There areĀ  crucial hills in this metropolis. The call of thoseĀ  hills are Chandragiri (Chikkabetta) and Vindyagiri. it’s miles the notion of the human beings that Bhadrabahu Swami and his disciple King Chandragupta Maurya reflected in those hills.

the principle appeal of this region is the statue of Bahubali. this is the statue of the Jain Saint Lord Gomateswara. it’s miles the sector’s tallest single stone statue. This statue is 17 m (57) tall. it is an actual instance of architectural and sculptural mastery underneath famous Gangas of Talakad. on the outer surface, many non secular inscriptions are carved. it is located at the pinnacle of Bindhyagiri hill. To attain at the pinnacle of the hill, one has to climb 630 stairs with bare foot. it’s far tiring however certainly worth. Devotees pray and provide Poojas on the ft of the huge statue of the Lord Gomateshwar at some stage in the day.

there’s an brilliant birthday celebration, that’s referred to as Mahamastakabhisheka. it’s miles celebrated after every twelve years. remaining time, Mahamastabhisheka was celebrated with full display in February 2006. Now it will likely be celebrated in 2018. From all over the international, heaps of devotees enjoy the celebrations. since from 981, this festival has been celebrated. on this event, the washing of Bahubali statue is accomplished through the saints. For bathing of the statue saints use 1008 consecrated pots of water collectively with lots of honey, ghee, milk, milk merchandise, sandal and saffron pastes.

Many traveler attractions are there in and around Sravanabelagola. some sights are Bhandari Basti, Chandragupta Basti and Chandragiri Hills.

Shravanbelagola is 16 km from Chanrayapatna and Chanrayapatna is 36 km from Hasan, a hundred and forty km from Bangalore and 100 km from Mysore. From all these places, Chanrayapatna is connected by using bus. From Chanrayapatna, the circumstance of the road is brilliant and you may attain there by bus, automobile or car to Shravanbelagola.

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